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Africa - Projects

Sub-Saharan Africa is IBI’s core geographic area of expertise. Our principals have enabled sustainable economic growth and improvements in governance in Africa for more than 30 years. We have a vast network of top-quality local consultants. We have successfully implemented projects in nearly every country in the region, with a particular focus on West Africa. See below a list of selected projects categorized by country: 

Regional Projects

Equity and Growth through Economic Research (EAGER/Trade)

(Kenya, Mauritius, Tanzania)


East and Central Africa Trade Hub


Gender Mainstreaming in African Companies

(South Africa, Kenya, Ghana)


West Africa Trade

(Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone)


West Africa - Growth Through Engendering Enterprise in ECOWAS Countries

(Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Nigeria)

Projects By Country

Benin Improved Customs and Port Procedures

Burundi Mineral Policy and Regulatory Framework Reform


Cameroon Market Information System


Central African Republic, Diagnostic Trade Integration Study


Chad-Cameroon Pipeline Communications Strategy


Ethiopia Procurement Manual and Training


Gabon Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment of the Mining Sector

The Gambia Streamlined Customs Procedures


Ghana Partnership for Education Accountability Activity


Ghana Trade and Investment Promotion for a Competitive Export Economy


Guinea Interconnection of Government Revenue Agencies


Liberia Administrative and Systems Strengthening Activity

Liberia Data, Evaluation, Learning and Technical Assistance


Liberia Digital Liberia and eGovernance Activity


Liberia Governance and Economic Management Support Program


Liberia Governance and Economic Management Assistance Program


Liberia Model Agricultural Concessions Agreement


Liberia Trade Policy and Customs Project


Liberia Justice Administration and Management Support


Madagascar Business and Market Expansion


Madagascar Governance of Mineral Resources


Malawi Leadership Training Program for Health Professionals 


Mali TradeMali


Mozambique Spatial Development Strategies


Mozambique Vilankulo City Development Strategy

Rwanda - Feed the Future Rwanda Trade Facilitation Activity


SenegalWest Africa TradeDynaEntreprises


Sierra Leone Western Peninsula


South Africa Gender Mainstreaming in African Companies

South Africa Public Financial Management Risk Assessment Framework Stage 2


South Sudan Strengthening Core Economic Governance Institutions II

Tanzania Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, and Adaptation


Tanzania Tax and Mining Policy


Tanzania Equity and Growth Through Economic Research


Uganda Strengthening the Competitiveness of Private Enterprises


Uganda Monitoring and Evaluation Management Services


Zimbabwe Strategic Economic Research and Analysis

Asia and Mid East - Projects

IBI has implemented projects on gender mainstreaming, tourism industry development, trade facilitation, coastal zone planning, and small- and medium-size enterprise development in Asia and the Middle East. IBI’s International Leadership Center has been invited by the governments of Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia to provide specialized management courses. See below a list of selected projects categorized by country:  

Europe and Eurasia - Projects

IBI’s work in Europe and Eurasia includes monitoring and evaluation projects in Kosovo and Ukraine, development planning for rural communities in Moldova, and business enabling reforms in Serbia, among others. See below a list of selected projects categorized by country: 

Americas - Projects

IBI’s work in Latin America includes evaluations of competitiveness building initiatives and SME development programs in the Andean region, a CSO capacity building project in El Salvador, and public financial management risk assessments of government agencies in Honduras, among others. See below a list of selected projects categorized by country:  

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