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IBI Projects:

Liberia - Data, Evaluation, Learning and Technical Assistance (DELTA)


Through the Data, Evaluation, Learning, and Technical Assistance (DELTA) Activity, IBI provides analytical and advisory services to the USAID/Liberia mission, supporting accurate and holistic data collection and evaluations, and learning from those findings to adapt and improve future programming. 

DELTA provides support to the mission in the following core components: 

  1. Assist the Mission in its data collection and reporting processes; 

  2. Produce high-quality monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) reports and assessments; 

  3. Support the Mission in its Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) efforts to learn lessons from its programming and deepen its collaboration with stakeholders; and 

  4. Assist with the development of monitoring, evaluation, and learning capacity at the local level and within the Mission. 

As part of component 1 activities, DELTA is implementing third party monitoring (TPM) for the first time on USAID programs in Liberia. TPM activities will engage local subcontractor Q&A to verify data from implementing partners and speak to local beneficiaries to provide the mission with impartial, real-time data on the performance of their projects. IBI’s only international subcontractor, Social Impact, will bring industry-leading expertise to components 1 and 2, ensuring methodologically sound data collection and analysis, honed from their decades of experience implementing MEL platform projects for USAID missions around the globe. Local firm, Nunlai Consulting, will support gender integration across DELTA’s learning materials and facilitate CLA events for USAID staff and other local stakeholders. As part of component 4, DELTA will implement an internship program for aspiring MEL professionals.  

The five-year activity will help ensure that USAID programs are grounded in a deep and nuanced understanding of the current realities and historical trajectories that have shaped Liberia’s political economy, geography, environment, social capital, and institutional capacity. Through capacity development and learning activities, DELTA will support the mission and local partners to sustain improved MEL practices beyond the end of the program.

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