IBI helps governments from the local to the national level refine the ways in which revenues are collected, budgeted, allocated, and transferred--building automated, transparent systems.

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At IBI, helping organizations improve performance is the central focus of our work. Using a variety of field tested tools and methods, we assist clients to identify their most pressing performance gaps, address them in cost-effective ways, and establish better performance management systems. IBI is adept at tailoring our approaches to suit the complexity of each organization and system. Among other methodologies, we use:

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Systems Approach to Organizational Development
Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD)
Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA)
Leadership Training

Information and communications technologies can transform personal, social and institutional lives.  IBI helps clients to grasp and use the best aspects of these technologies to effectively design and deliver their products and services.

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National ICT Policy
Automating Public Financial Management
Mobile Money and Payment Systems
Dynamic Geo-spatial Analysis
Government Assets Management
Market Information Systems

IBI offers solutions to governments that are seeking to improve their country’s economic performance through enhanced private sector competitiveness, value chain development, and natural resources management. We focus on opportunities for creating jobs and enhancing livelihoods in the following technical areas:

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Trade and Value Chains
Small and Medium Size Enterprise Development
Natural Resource Management
Growth Poles and Growth Corridors
Financial Services
Business Enabling Environments
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IBI has helped governments around the world improve performance to better serve their populations. Transparency and accountability are the key principles that guide our work. As these principles permeate an organization, we see them generate measurable improvements in every area of performance.

Post-conflict Reconstruction
Public Financial Management
Domestic Resource Mobilization and Taxation
Procurement Reform
Customs Reform
Mining Policy, Law and Administration
Democracy Building and Elections

In a constantly evolving field, IBI stays on top of current approaches, methods and tools to conduct thorough and evidence-based evaluations of ongoing projects. Our project evaluations focus on ameliorating program performance while highlighting technical achievements and measuring costs and benefits.  We complement data analysis with participatory rapid appraisal to add depth to our understanding of project dynamics.

Impact Assessment
GIS / Data Mapping for M&E
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