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IBI Projects:

Armenia Public Finance Management


Through the USAID/Armenia Public Finance Management Activity, IBI will support the Government of Armenia to implement its institutional reform strategies. This project will engage the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the National Assembly’s Budget Office, building the capacity of both institutions to plan and implement program budgets. 

The Public Finance Management Activity aims to achieve the following Objectives: 

  • Objective 1: The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs’ implementation of the program budget is improved through strengthening the planning and execution systems and processes. 

  • Objective 2: The ability of the National Assembly Budget Office to provide budgetary technical support to Standing Committees and parliamentarians is approved. 

The Activity will emphasize local partnerships and will be implemented in collaboration with two leading Armenian management consultancies: America Management Advisors and AVAG Solutions. 

Improved public financial management will help to build resilient, inclusive, and transparent institutions in Armenia, a key overarching goal of both the domestic reform agenda and USAID/Armenia’s 2020-2025 Country Development Cooperation Strategy. 

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