IBI – International Business Initiatives – is a woman-owned small business consulting and training firm dedicated to providing insightful analysis and practical, timely solutions to challenges facing governments and companies. Our experience has shown that the value of fresh ideas lies in their local implementation. We partner with top quality local organizations to ensure that our clients achieve their goals. 

Our core principles focus on:


Sustainable Results—lasting improvements for 

    people, firms, and governments

✓ Job creation/maintenance— engaging the private

    sector as the engine of rapid, distributed economic


✓ Poverty reduction—diminishing the gap between

    nations’ and individuals’ prosperity




Inclusive partnerships—facilitating locally-driven


✓ Linking policies and grassroots impacts

    supporting the full cycle of reforms, from policy

    through implementation and monitoring

✓ Integrity—unwavering commitment to ethical,

    compliant work



Creating lasting improvements

Creating lasting improvements

Actively involving local people

Actively involving local people

Facilitating rapid economic growth

Facilitating rapid economic growth

Improving government policies

Improving government policies

Reducing the poverty gap worldwide

Reducing the poverty gap worldwide

IBI is an active participant in the international development practitioner community and a member of the following associations:  

International Society for Performance Improvement
Council of International Development Companies
International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management
Small Business Association for International Contractors
Society for International Development Washington DC Chapter
GOXI - Sharing in governance of extractive industries
Do Good. Do It Well.

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