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IBI Projects:

Guinea Interconnection of Government Revenue Agencies

Client: USAID

Year Completed: 2014


Central to Guinea’s ambitious goals for growth and development is the ability of its government institutions to coordinate, communicate, and collaborate effectively. As a task order under the Public Financial Management IDIQ, this project was part of an ongoing initiative of the Government of Guinea, in partnership with USAID, designed to help public sector revenue agencies benefit from improved exchange of information between institutions involved in the management of the Treasury’s current accounts.


An IBI team worked in close collaboration with local counterparts to:


  • Perform a baseline assessment of revenue collecting entities and their IT connectedness;

  • Identify major bottlenecks in payment (customs duties and tax) information exchange; and

  • Develop actionable solutions for the next phase of the project, including recommendations for ICT architecture, timelines, milestones, staffing, cost, and information security requirements.


The Government of Guinea has expressed its commitment to build on the products delivered by this project to implement a sustainable system for reliable exchanges of information. As noted by a senior member of the Steering Committee, “this project is of high interest for all of us and we now see where we can go from this point. We promise to [make] the best use of your products. We are confident we will succeed, the authorities are keen on that, for the sake of revenue transparency.”

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