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IBI Projects:

Bangladesh Trade Facilitation Activity (BTFA)

2014 - 2019 

The objective of the USAID-funded Bangladesh Trade Facilitation Activity (BTFA) was to bolster economic growth and domestic resource mobilization by creating greater efficiency in cross-border trade and increased trade-related revenue. IBI provided financial and regulatory analysis and technical assistance to identify and implement effective trade facilitation measures, including a financial risk management system for the National Bureau of Revenue (NBR), and a post-clearance audit system for National Customs. 

To achieve this objective, IBI is carried out two lines of work: 

  • Improvement of trade-related Information and transparency by ensuring that current, accurate trade-related information is readily available to any interested party through an electronic web portal. 

  • Enhancement of supply chain security by ensuring updated security standards, implementing a modern risk management system, and establishing a post-clearance audit system. 

Through this activity, IBI helped develop the Enhanced Customs Web Site, which allows traders to find accurate and timely information in one place, and a National Enquiry Point where traders can get customized information and advanced rulings on import classifications and duties. IBI helped the NBR form three separate units (two national and one local) to support the implementation of a risk management system and develop web-based Customs Intelligence Database (CID) and Case Management System (CMS). IBI helped Customs design and implement a transaction-based Post Clearance Audit System and a pilot Authorized Economic Operator program. IBI supported the development of an on-line Customs Auction System to transparently raise revenue through disposal of seized and abandoned goods. a telephone and on-line Anonymous Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Hotline, where traders can report unscrupulous activities. 



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