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IBI Projects:

El Salvador - Strengthening Local Organizations


IBI implemented the USAID/El Salvador Strengthening Local Organizations (SLO) project to measurably build the capacity of ten strategically important Salvadoran civil society organizations (CSOs), several of which USAID has identified as potential direct recipients of future aid. 


IBI administered the Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) and Organizational Performance Index (OPI) tools—both mainstays of USAID’s Human and Institutional Capacity Development toolkit—to ascertain each beneficiary’s weaknesses in operational areas and overall organizational effectiveness. After verifying the finds of the OCA and OPI assessments, IBI used these fine-grained results to design “best fit” solutions to these organizations’ unique challenges. Upon securing each CSO’s buy-in, the project provided capacity building support in key administrative and programmatic areas. 

This activity also helped to create a more cohesive ecosystem of CSOs whose missions are compatible and who collaborate and learn from each other. 




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