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IBI Projects:

Timor-Leste - Trade Governance Activity (TGA)


The USAID/Timor-Leste Trade Governance Activity aims to help the Government of Timor-Leste institutionalize a well-governed and modern trade system that is professional, transparent, accountable, efficient, effective, responsive to the public, and compliant with international standards and obligations.

This Activity’s primary government counterpart is the Timor-Leste Customs Authority (CA), continuing the strong collaboration developed under the Customs Reform Project (2017-2021). It will support the CA’s efforts to function in accordance with global best practices and standards, as stated in instruments such as the Revised Kyoto Convention, the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, and ASEAN membership requirements.  


The objectives of the Trade Governance Activity are as follows: 

  • Objective 1: Trade governance strengthened 

  • Objective 2: Trade operations optimized to meet international standards 

  • Objective 3: Trade facilitation and use of trade facilitation systems and instruments increased 

Improved trade governance will in turn boost trade, investment, government revenue, and economic growth, while also promoting international integration and national self-reliance. 

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