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IBI Projects:

USAID/Honduras Monitoring and Evaluation Support for Collaboration, Learning, and Adapting (MESCLA) 2.0



Through the USAID/Honduras’ Monitoring and Evaluation Support for Collaboration, Learning, and Adapting (MESCLA) 2.0, IBI will provide USAID/Honduras with the technical and advisory services needed to develop MEL and CLA initiatives under the Mission's Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) 2020-2025 and onward.  


This award will provide USAID/Honduras with flexible, demand-driven services. This includes assisting 

the Mission in: 


  1. Planning, designing, conducting, disseminating, learning, and supporting adaptive management from rigorous monitoring and evaluation of USAID/Honduras development projects and activities;  

  2. Facilitating and promoting Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) practices throughout the Mission, implementing partners, local organizations, selected private sector partners, and local academia; and 

  3. Supporting monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) capacity building of USAID/Honduras internal and external stakeholders, including activity implementation and monitoring with third parties. 


MESCLA 2.0 will emphasize building the MEL capacity of local partners, such as academic institutions, to eventually transition required MEL services to local organizations. By the conclusion of this five-year activity, IBI will have provided USAID/Honduras with support for the monitoring and evaluation of USAID-financed development assistance in Honduras and will have strengthened the MEL and CLA capacity of local and community-based organizations, select private sector partners, Government of Honduras (GOH) counterparts, academia, and implementing partners.  

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