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IBI Projects:

Egypt Macro-Economic Stabilization and Reform


The USAID-funded MESR project is a five-year initiative to support the Government of Egypt’s (GOE) reform efforts to address macro-economic imbalances that negatively impact the ability of enterprises to grow and become more competitive. To maximize the return on public investments, the Government of Egypt (GOE) must properly and accurately appraise its capital investment projects, but a lack of capacity in conducting this type of analysis hinders decision-making. MESR supports the GOE through two primary objectives:  


  1. Improve public investment planning, implementation, and monitoring to enhance public capital assets’ productivity and public services’ efficiency and effectiveness; and  

  2. Upgrade public financial management effectiveness to improve fiscal management, budgeting, and expenditure control, and increase budget efficiency, transparency, and accountability.  

As a subcontractor  to DAI, IBI supports MESR activities in investment planning and risk forecasting under Objectives 1 and 2. IBI provides cross-sectoral, spatial, and gender analysis to identify and visually present potential opportunities and liabilities of public investments.  By delivering workshops and trainings on these analysis techniques, IBI will help obtain buy-in from, and build capacity of, GOE officials to sustain the use of these tools after the project's end. This will play a crucial role in strengthening and proliferating PPPs in Egypt.


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