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IBI Projects:

Kosovo Transformational Leadership Impact and Performance Evaluation



The USAID-funded TLIPE activity was implemented by IBI as a simultaneous long-term impact evaluation and performance evaluation. The evaluation method assesses impact through a mixed-methods, quasi-experimental design, drawing conclusions from both qualitative and quantitative data.


The impact evaluation gauged the effectiveness of efforts to support the leadership development of Kosovar students who have received a scholarship to study in the US. IBI assessed the effectiveness of the U.S. Master’s degree program in training participants to be change agents who can affect social and economic development in Kosovo. IBI supported USAID and other stakeholders to answer the following broad questions: To what extent did those who received scholarships for U.S. graduate study become leading change agents in their respective profession/organizations? How did the participants utilize their training following the completion of their studies? What, if any, significant constraints or barriers did the returned participants face in utilizing their new knowledge/skills? In what ways did U.S.-returned beneficiaries contribute to Kosovo’s development? In what ways did the perception of TLP scholarship recipients as leaders change over the course of the program? 

The performance evaluation studied the effectiveness of technical assistance provided to the University of Pristina. IBI provided stakeholders with an understanding of how selected university faculties changed as a result of USAID-supported faculty exchanges and mentoring assistance and explained the effect of these changes on learning outcomes. 

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