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IBI Projects:

Ukraine Financial Sector Transformation Activity Evaluation


IBI conducted a mid-term performance evaluation of USAID’s Financial Sector Transformation (FST) Activity in Ukraine, a complex, four-year activity implemented by DAI Global. The purpose of this mid-term evaluation was to determine the relevance, efficiency, and effectiveness of FST’s interventions, and to inform future programming.  

The evaluation team investigated how USAID’s programming contributes to the country’s economic growth and self-reliance through an improved financial sector. IBI used a mixed-methods evaluation approach based on collecting data from multiple types of data sources, including: reviews of project documents and other secondary materials; and key informant interviews (KIIs). The interviews were conducted with Government of Ukraine agencies, industry associations, civil society organizations, and the private sector.  

For each evaluation question, the team used parallel analysis, looking at both primary and secondary sources.

First, they analyzed relevant implementer materials and secondary sources from the FST activity to develop preliminary findings. Next, they compiled data from KIIs and evaluated against preliminary findings. Findings were then synthesized across all types of key informants and beneficiaries, and data were analyzed with special considerations for key variables such as gender and geographic location. 

The evaluation examined the performance, impact, and sustainability of FST’s activities and results, and provided USAID with tools to effectively utilize lessons learned, therefore informing future financial sector program design. 

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