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  • Danny Guimaraes and Ishmeal Flomo

Empowering Change-Makers: Growing Liberia’s MEL Network through the DELTA Internship Program

IBI, in collaboration with our Liberian partner PERT Consultancy, is equipping young Liberian professionals with practical experience in monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL). By embedding interns in local and international organizations working on development issues in Liberia, and as part of the USAID/Liberia Data, Evaluation, Learning, and Technical Assistance (DELTA) Activity, the internship program not only enhances their MEL skills but also fosters the growth of a network of MEL professionals in the country, ultimately generating more locally-led research and learning.

After a rigorous selection process, 20 interns were chosen out of over 1,000 applicants. Among them are Diamond G. Karmu and Wrechu Winona Karblee, who demonstrated exceptional competency, progressive growth in data collection and analysis skills, and a passion for contributing to Liberia's economic, political, and social development.

Diamond Karmu at an M&E training at DELTA’s project office.

Both Diamond and Wrechu have actively engaged in DELTA's M&E trainings, learning best practices for sound data collection, analysis, and reporting. Through their placements with local civil society organizations (CSOs), they are seeing firsthand how M&E can be used to build on successes and identify interventions that require adjustment, leading to improved outcomes on the issues they are passionate about, whether it’s educational outcomes or combatting corruption.

Diamond, assigned to CENTAL Liberia, a prominent CSO advocating for transparency and accountability in education and health, has already made significant contributions to refining monitoring and evaluation processes. By developing specific data collection materials, Diamond ensures the proper allocation and utilization of financial resources, combating public corruption effectively.

Wrechu Karblee is passionate about using M&E to improve educational outcomes for Liberian youth.

Wrechu, interning at UMOVEMENT, a Liberian CSO dedicated to improving the education sector, brings her expertise in M&E to address the organization's challenges in implementing a functional M&E system. Her work in developing data collection tools and processes for enrollment, attendance, and retention indicators has enabled evidence-based decision-making and accelerated improvements in learning outcomes in Grand Bassa County.

Diamond and Wrechu's experiences as DELTA interns are honing their skills and solidifying their passion for promoting evidence-based decision-making in Liberian development initiatives. They see this internship as a pivotal part of their journey to become senior M&E professionals and contribute to the Government of Liberia's ongoing efforts in combatting corruption and creating a robust education sector.

Through experiences like those of Diamond and Wrechu, the DELTA Internship Program nurtures the talents of young Liberian change-makers – providing hands-on experience, fostering a passion for transparency and accountability, and contributing to meaningful development initiatives. As they continue on their journey to become thought leaders in their communities, these interns are a critical part of creating a brighter future for Liberia.



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