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Enhancing Philippines’ Customs Operations: ASEAN Customs Declaration Document (ACDD) Management Port

Manila, Philippines, June 1, 2023

Photo: Training Session on ACDD Portal and Routing Platform for BOC Officials in Hybrid Mode

In a joint effort to strengthen customs operations, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) of the Philippines and the United States Agency International Development ASEAN Policy Implementation (USAID API) activity organized a comprehensive training session for BOC officials this summer. The focus of the training was the BOC ASEAN Customs Declaration Document (ACDD) Portal and Routing Platform, both of which are crucial tools that facilitate the exchange of customs-related information. The trainings built the BOC’s capacity to process the ACDD and comply with the ASEAN Single Window (ASW) protocol, enabling seamless exchange of the ACDD with ASEAN countries. The training session, held at the BOC office in Manila, Philippines, was a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts between BOC and USAID API.

Photo: Training Session on ACDD Portal and Routing Platform for BOC Officials in Hybrid Mode

The BOC ACDD Operation Portal plays a vital role in facilitating the exchange of ACDD messages, enabling efficient record-keeping and tracking of documents. This not only expedites trade processes but also promotes paperless trade and optimizes the potential of intra-ASEAN trade.

The Philippines first joined the ACDD exchange within the ASW network in early 2022, becoming the sixth ASEAN member state to do so. This achievement was made possible due to the development and implementation of the ACDD Portal and BOC Routing Platform, which were officially launched in December last year.

The training session included both in-person and online participation, with a total of 80 officers from various divisions of the BOC and port authorities, including the Management Information Systems and Technology Group (MISTG), Risk Management Division, and Export Coordination Division under the BOC. The sessions included comprehensive instruction on ACDD Portal Registration, covering essential topics like System Validation, User Requirements, and User Management.

The objectives of the training were to familiarize participants with effective navigation of the portal, provide hands-on practice in utilizing data for risk profiling activities, and facilitate monitoring of exporter participation in the ACDD exchange. By gaining a clear understanding of these key aspects, the officers were equipped to enhance the overall risk assessment capacities of the BOC.

The collaborative efforts between the BOC and USAID API signify a commitment to modernize customs operations and enhance regional trade facilitation. By leveraging the ACDD Portal and Routing Platform, the Philippines aims to strengthen its customs procedures, improve risk management capabilities, and contribute to the seamless flow of goods within ASEAN.



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