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Why IBI?

As I turn the calendar to September, I mark three full months as Vice President for Programs at IBI. During this time, I have had countless opportunities to answer the question and remind myself: Why IBI?

Prior to joining IBI, I had a long and successful tenure at a large, well respected company. I was in a comfortable routine with colleagues I like and work I enjoyed. I was very fortunate not to need to be looking for a next job. My decision to pursue this opportunity with IBI was not part of a blanket job search, but a specific, targeted action. I saw an opportunity to contribute to a company fully dedicated to the work most closely aligned with my professional interest and whose highly-effective “local solutions” development approach reflects my experience as a best practice.

IBI is an international development company focused on economic growth, governance, capacity building and organizational development, using advanced methodologies and offering sustainable solutions. Since 1996, with a great deal of its experience in Africa, IBI has implemented projects in 49 countries worldwide. Current IBI projects span the globe from Liberia to Bangladesh and back to Kosovo, places where I have worked and where quality development work must continue to be done. The projects are expertly-conceived, well-run and highly-regarded. There are opportunities to leverage IBI expertise in adjacent technical areas and across increased geography.

With an engaged owner, the experienced executive team is empowered to lead a dynamic, collegial, inclusive organization of dedicated home office and field-based professionals. And perhaps most importantly, IBI is a company of uncompromised values with an outstanding reputation.

I am proud to have been named Vice President for Programs at IBI. I am privileged to support vital programs, on behalf of the United States, enabling positive change in challenging environments. I have been entrusted with a key role in a small business poised for growth. As I contribute to maintaining excellence in project implementation, recruiting exceptional talent, establishing partnerships with premier organizations and winning contracts, I am energized and excited to be here.

Thanks to those who asked, “Why IBI?” Please, keep asking and looking for IBI updates. Your interest and potential collaboration will contribute to IBI's success and growth.

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