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  • Yuliya Malieieva, Project Manager

IBI Supports the Government of Egypt to Reach its Development Goals

Under the USAID/Egypt – Macro-Economic Stabilization and Reform (MESR) activity, IBI provides support to the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MPED) and the Ministry of Finance (MOF) to improve their capacity to lead the country towards its development goals.

IBI is currently helping the MPED to develop a Strategic Decision-Making System (SDMS) that aligns high-level development goals with more specific agendas of line ministries. Working with a team of technical experts from within MPED, IBI’s continuous improvement expert led a comprehensive gap analysis of the current planning processes and identified existing silos. Next, the team designed a new Strategic Decision-Making System that will encompass the entirety of the development planning process. Once the system has been approved, the team will deliver trainings on use of the new system. IBI is working with the Sustainable Development Unit of the MPED to ensure the ministry is able to continually use the SDMS for future planning cycles.

To complement the MPED’s ongoing institutional improvements, IBI is working with the MOF to revise the budgeting system to move from line item to program-based budgeting (PBB). IBI is also assisting the MOF in designing its first Tax Policy Unit (TPU). To help create the unit and make sure it is effective, IBI applied Human and Institutional Capacity Development methodology to map current processes, identify bottlenecks and challenges, and develop a tailored approach to implementing reforms.



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