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  • Yuliya Malieieva, Project Manager

IBI Helps Procurement Authorities in Pakistan to Automate Processes

One of the opportunities to improve Pakistan’s public financial management (PFM) systems and increase transparency and accountability is by automating procurement processes. Working with the IBI team for the USAID-funded Pakistan Capacity Development Services – Small Business project, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (KPPRA) has prioritized digitalization and harmonization of the procurement functions across various procuring agencies. With support from IBI advisors, KPPRA completed the development of a centralized, automated e-procurement system.

The new system replaces separate applications used by various departments and empowers KPPRA to carry out its mandate as the central procurement regulatory authority of the province. As an example, previously, the Department of Constructions & Works and the Local Government, Elections, and Rural Development Department used their own semi-automated applications for procurement. Such a fragmented system made the oversight function of KPPRA difficult and put accountability of the processes at risk.

The KPPRA eProcurement System developed and deployed with the support of IBI covers the entire procurement process— from issuance of tenders and awards to contract implementation oversight, reporting, and closure. The system provides harmonization of procurement processes between government entities in KP districts, improves efficiency, and strengthens transparency.

Deployment of a centralized automated system to manage procurements is a critical step towards overall PFM strengthening. IBI will continue supporting the Government of Pakistan and engaging the private sector to build upon this progress. Next steps include support for policy reform and further capacity building.


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