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IBI Projects:

Pakistan Capacity Building Services - Small Business Activity



USAID/Pakistan awarded IBI the Pakistan Capacity Development Services – Small Business (PCDS-SB) activity to provide technical support to strengthen the capacity of Government of Pakistan entities that play an indirect role in the management of USG funds. These entities are involved in approving, planning and accounting for the use of USG funds, but may not be themselves direct recipients. The activity covers the Islamabad Capital Territory, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Sindh provinces. PCDS-SB is helping build sound, effective, transparent, and accountable systems to manage public funds and thus decrease opportunities for corruption, inefficiencies, and mismanagement. 


IBI provides support in three main areas – policy development, systems automation, and capacity building. The technical areas cover budgeting and accounting, auditing and compliance, procurement, project management, and research. Activities under the contract include gap analysis and research, management and organizational development, training, and digitalization of public financial management processes. 

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