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Reflecting on 2022: Partnerships are the Key to Project Success

As we welcome the new year, we reflect on IBI accomplishments in 2022. IBI was awarded five USAID prime contracts in five different countries. These include Haiti, Honduras, Liberia, Timor-Leste, and Armenia. In the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and political instability, our teams have remained dedicated to our projects, emphasizing that partnerships are the key to project success.

A group of meeting participants sitting on either side of a large table.
USAID/Armenia Public Finance Management (PFM) Activity kick-off meeting with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Yerevan, Armenia (2022).

IBI’s local partners understand the nuances of thinking and working politically – from operational start up through building trust with counterparts and navigating ever-changing local contexts. For example, even when faced with political instability and high-security risks, our local partners working in Haiti have been able to launch a ground-breaking third-party monitoring effort that will provide accurate and timely information to the entire USAID Mission. In Honduras, our local partners were resourceful in finding the right people to build a robust field operation from scratch in a country where IBI lacked presence. In Armenia, our local partners navigated the realities of the effects of the Russia-Ukraine war. Through critical communication and teamwork, IBI secured registration that would have otherwise taken months to process. Despite the challenges, results like these justify IBI’s belief in our partnerships, local networks, and people.

As we enter 2023, IBI continues to grow and practice our core value of global insights – local solutions.



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