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IBI Awarded USAID/Tanzania Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, and Adaptation Contract

IBI is proud to announce that it has been awarded a four-year contract to implement the Tanzania Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, and Adaptation (T-MELA) Activity. Under this Activity, IBI will provide technical and advisory services to USAID/Tanzania to meet the mission’s monitoring, evaluation, and learning requirements.

The T-MELA Activity includes the following Tasks:

  1. Support Mission Performance Monitoring and Management

  2. Assessment and Evaluation

  3. Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA)

  4. Develop the capacity of local research and/or M&E related organizations

The technical assistance under T-MELA will improve the design, implementation, and oversight of USAID programs throughout Tanzania through sector, issue, and activity-level assessments. It will further empower local partners to enhance development program planning.

T-MELA is the fourth task order awarded to IBI under the USAID Evaluation, Monitoring, and Learning Services (EVAL-ME II) IDIQ contract.



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