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IBI Projects:

Ethiopia Procurement Manual and Training

Client: Ethiopian Ministry of Finance and Economic Development / World Bank

Year Completed: 2008


Committed to building a transparent and ethical civil service, the Ethiopian government enacted a new Public Procurement Proclamation in 2005, issued a revised procurement directive, and a Public Procurement Agency (PPA) was established. With World Bank funding, an IBI team of international and local experts worked with the PPA and other government counterparts to provide guidance in this transition. Our assistance strategy focused on the promotion of proper implementation of the Public Procurement Proclamation, development of manpower capacity to carry out public procurement functions, and the strengthening of uniform application of the procedures laid down in the Public Procurement Directive and Standard Bidding Documents in all public bodies at federal and regional levels.


IBI experts drafted a completely new, user-friendly Procurement Manual, in English and Amharic, that outlines applicable public procurement rules, procedures, and documentation. It also provides guidance to prospective bidders so that they understand procurement activities and submit bids and proposals correctly. IBI also developed Training Modules for procurement trainers and trainees, and conducted training for 60 trainers and procurement officers from around the country who will train more than 500 procurement officials. The head of the program wrote to IBI: "We are really grateful for your sincere concern, understanding, and above all your willingness to meet our need in every way possible. This will strengthen our future relationship and you will be in our list of best performer consultants for future projects of similar nature.”





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