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IBI Projects:

East and Central Africa Trade Hub

Client: USAID

Year Completed: 2006


The ECA Trade Hub was launched to support the U.S. Presidential Trade for African Development and Enterprise (TRADE) initiative. The TRADE initiative was launched to assist African businesses to take better advantage of the AGOA Act. As a subcontractor to BearingPoint IBI’s role on the Hub project was to develop strategies to allow the project to focus on the cross-cutting issues of the environment, HIV/AIDS and gender. IBI will enhanced the role of women in trade by mainstreaming gender throughout the Hub’s activities. IBI increased awareness of the environmental issues in trade by mainstreaming environment throughout the Hub’s programs. IBI increased the awareness of HIV/AIDS, especially along the Northern Corridor. These activities were accomplished through developing clear strategies for each topic and then implementing the necessary training programs to assist the HUB staff and partners in clearly understanding the issues and solutions.


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