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IBI Projects:

Ukraine Agricultural and Rural Development Policy

Client: USAID

Year Completed: 2005


The purpose of the UARDPP was to provide a team of expert agricultural economists to work with Ukrainian stakeholders to forge a rural reform program for the entire country. The aim of the new policy nexus is to bring about the reforms of the agricultural sector necessary to stimulate growth in the Ukrainian economy, thereby achieving rural development and assuring WTO accession. The UARDPP addressed six policy areas affecting agricultural and rural development activities including:


  • Land titling, mortgages, foreclosure and safeguards affecting the market for land;


  • Regulatory agencies that take account of diverse stakeholder interests in promulgating and enforcing fair and transparent regulations


  • Agricultural support mechanisms to ensure that assistance to the sector provides appropriate incentives that are equitable and consistent with WTO provisions


  • Taxation of agricultural assets and revenues to ensure tax efficiency, equity, and consistency with other agricultural sector policies


  • Development of the rural sector to ensure that populations in these areas have improved access to services and infrastructure so that agricultural markets can function, rural quality of life is improved, and activities offering off-farm employment, such as eco-tourism, can develop


  • Local government, de-centralized revenue generation and provision of basic public services including education, police, emergency, and public health


IBI produced the six studies, edited them into a book in English and Ukrainian versions, published the book, and conducted workshops in rural oblasts to ensure policy dialog—all in the space of six months.

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