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IBI Projects:

Uganda Monitoring and Evaluation Management Services

Client: USAID

Year Completed: Ongoing


Recent USAID policy places renewed emphasis on the implementation of solid monitoring and evaluation (M&E) processes to quantify results, measure impact and inform planning, which has increased reporting requirements for USAID Missions around the world. A Mission with a budget of approximately $280 million per annum, USAID/Uganda manages a diverse portfolio of programs. The Uganda Monitoring and Evaluation Management Services Project (UMEMS) is a four-year program to design and implement a comprehensive performance measurement, planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting system that is aligned with USAID’s M&E standards.


A key component of UMEMS is to provide USAID/Uganda and its implementing partners with a web-based performance reporting system that interfaces with a GIS database. As sub-contractor to The Mitchell Group under UMEMS, IBI reviewed the Mission’s GIS database to assess its suitability for storing and manipulating the data that the Mission envisaged. Following this assessment, IBI designed the appropriate interface between the proposed M&E system and the web-based databases that the implementing partners are required to report into.


Under UMEMS, IBI also produces high caliber monitoring and evaluation and special studies services to Mission Teams. For example, IBI recently fielded a team that conducted a detailed assessment of USAID/Uganda’s past, current and planned leadership enhancement initiatives, including internship programs in Uganda. The team then developed a conceptual framework with operational performance indicators on capacity building to guide the Mission in programming activities. This was a participatory process, bringing together different stakeholders including the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development; Ministry of Health; Ministry of Education; Uganda Aids Commission; local governments; civil society organizations; and private sector actors including private clinics and the Uganda Manufacturing Association. 

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