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  • Danny Guimares and Sarah Nichols

IBI Celebrates Liberian Independence Day

A group of 12 well-dressed people stand in front of a sign. Written on the sign is "USAID Data, Evaluation, Learning, and Technical Assistance (DELTA) Activity Office

For over 15 years, IBI has been proud to support capacity-building projects in Liberia through USAID-funded activities. IBI was excited to return to Liberia in 2022 to implement the USAID/Liberia Data, Evaluation, Learning, and Technical Assistance (DELTA) activity. Through DELTA, IBI provides monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) services to USAID/Liberia’s Office of Program and Project Development and Technical Office teams. Besides working with the USAID mission, DELTA supports USAID-implementing partners to improve their MEL plans. DELTA will also foster a new generation of MEL experts through an internship program in partnership with Liberia’s President’s Young Professionals Program. Over the past several months, our team (shown above) has already traveled across all the counties in Liberia to conduct field-based research for USAID.

IBI’s work in Liberia began with USAID Liberia’s Governance and Economic Management Assistance Program (GEMAP). Started in 2006, GEMAP was a partnership between the Government of Liberia and the international community to strengthen Liberian financial institutions in the wake of the civil war. The program was quickly expanded from a 2-year contract to a 4-year contract covering a multitude of Liberian ministries. Through GEMAP, the Government of Liberia was able to lay the foundations of an efficient organization.

In the 10 years following the completion of GEMAP, IBI was awarded several other contracts to support USAID’s activities with government agencies in Liberia. Some highlights of previous projects include: the USAID/Liberia Governance and Economic Management Support (GEMS) project, which built upon the progress made by GEMAP by expanding institutional development services to 17 Liberian ministries, agencies and commissions; the Liberia Administrative and Systems Strengthening Program (LASS) which worked with Liberia’s National Election Commission to prepare the country for the 2017 election; and Digital Liberia and eGovernance, through which the Government of Liberia successfully enrolled over 1,800 civil servants in mobile money, a technology that streamlined payment for public sector employees, particularly in rural areas.

IBI is excited to be back in Liberia for the DELTA Activity and to continue working with USAID to improve the livelihoods of all Liberians and pave the way for a more peaceful, prosperous, and democratic Liberia.


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