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IBI begins new project in Ghana to support Education Funding

We are pleased to announce that we are beginning a new project in Ghana to support the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service, as well as their regional and district offices around the country. This four-year activity is one component of the USAID Partnership for Education Project, which seeks to improve performance in primary schools.

Classroom in Ghana

This Partnership for Education Funding Activity’s overall goal is to ensure that funds provided by USAID to the Government of Ghana and local education organizations are utilized appropriately for their intended purposes. Our team will work with recipients of USAID funds to establish and maintain the tools necessary to ensure fiscal transparency and audit readiness.

The way we will reach this goal is two-fold. First, we will track, verify, validate, and record funds provided by USAID to these entities, ensuring appropriate financial management and fiscal transparency. Second, we will work to build the organizational and staff capacity to conduct these financial management activities independent of future support from USAID.

This effort to support local grant recipients aligns with USAID Forward’s reform agenda, which seeks to increase direct funding of local entities. In order to do so, USAID is assessing potential risks and investing in close monitoring and capacity building so that local entities can use funding appropriately. This is where IBI fits in, as a monitoring and capacity building partner for the public education entities that have the ultimate goal of appropriately managing resources so that Ghanaian students receive the best education possible.

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