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IBI Projects:

Malawi Leadership Training Program for Health Professionals


IBI developed and conducted a series of leadership development training programs over the course of the USAID-funded Malawi Scholarship Program (MSP). MSP built capacity of Malawi’s health professionals by providing scholarships for graduate-level technical training.  IBI provided, under a subcontract to World Learning, additional training to these health professionals to help them integrate their new technical knowledge into the management systems of their employers.  The five day workshops focused on teaching participants the fundamentals of leadership and organizational communication skills for effective management. Topics included conflict management, motivating employees, and effective communication. Each participant developed a personal action plan to implement their new skills and knowledge in their workplace.   

The workshops were consistently very well received, each one scoring over four on a five point scale in participant surveys. Participant comments noted the workshops’ usefulness and efficacy:  

 “This training was very essential and it provided me the greatest insights on how to manage my biggest challenges in Ward management.” 2019 participant 

“This was a mindset changing training for me in terms of leadership and managers. I feel empowered to change most of the things that I have not been doing well to enhance achievement of organizational goals. This training was all I needed to enhance my skills” 2018 participant 

“The training was necessary and relevant to my work. The knowledge and skills will be utilized to contribute to the professional growth and to translate what was covered in the two years of study into useful practice. I was able to connect with peers from other universities and I will be ready to contact them for ideas on how to execute my work.” 2017 participant 

“This is an excellent training. I would recommend it to others – very educative, informative and it provides you with an opportunity to reflect back and challenge yourself how you would position yourself to being a good leader, hence good manager” 2015 Participant  

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