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IBI Projects:

Madagascar Mineral Resources Governance

Client: Ministry of Energy and Mines / World Bank

Year Completed: 2007


IBI assisted the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Madagascar in its project designed to improve the governance of mineral resources. The framework was designed to achieve greater transparency in the mining sector, diversification of mining revenues, and an improved regulatory and legal framework to support the growth of both formal and artisanal mining.


Based on participatory rapid appraisals of mining supply chains and administration, IBI conducted a structural analysis of the small-scale mining sector in Madagascar. The findings and the recommendations focused on helping to simplify procedures and allow both participants and government to reduce the negative impacts of mining rushes, follow the money and build value-added from the bottom of the pyramid. IBI also helped to organize a series of stakeholder workshops throughout the country that lead to strategic decision making by the Ministry.




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