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The International Leadership Center trains current and future leaders and managers in business, government and civil society.

We are dedicated to helping organizations and individuals improve their performance through tested training programs. Training specialties of ILC include leadership and effective management skills development, increasing cross-cultural capabilities, and special services.


IBI joined forces with the Management Training and Development Institute (MTDI) to create this practice. MTDI has three decades of leadership, management and cross-cultural communication training experience. More than ten thousand participants from 123 countries have attended workshops and programs in the U.S. and abroad.

Leadership and Management Training


ILC programs provide practical training in essential skills needed by today's organizations. Our core program, Leadership and Management Skills (LMS) focuses directly on the leadership and management skills needed at various levels and units. Other programs relate to skills that are useful to particular groups. On request, we integrate our programs as customized components into those of other organizations.


In these programs, key themes emphasize knowledge transfer, self-diagnosis where appropriate, and skill development. These highly participatory, skills-oriented programs stress recognition of the central role of leadership and management in one's activities, including team participation, and development of enthusiasm for their practice.


The skills acquired help managers and leaders work more productively with others. They are critical to professional effectiveness. The programs emphasize planning and motivation for continuing to hone these capabilities throughout one's career.




The International Leadership Center (ILC) provides quality preparation for effective work and related social and organizational functions where cross-cultural factors play a significant role in determining success and satisfaction.


ILC's training, consulting and assessment services are provided by staff with extensive cross-cultural training experience and strong academic qualifications. We are dedicated to enhancing intercultural perception and competence.


Customized Programs and Services


The International Leadership Center provides customized programs tailored to specific client needs on request. These short or extensive programs are designed in consultation with clients to meet their needs. We can meet client needs in four ways:

  1. Augmented versions of scheduled seminars adapted to address specific client requirements,

  2. Scheduled seminars, offered on specified dates, and lengthened, or shortened according to the needs of the client,

  3. Programs offered in languages other than English, either directly or through translation, and

  4. Programs created to meet special topic and process needs. These include:

  • Customized Topics

  • Customized Components Provided in Programs of Other Organizations

  • Consulting Services

  • Tailored Professional Site Visits


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