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IBI Projects:

Gender Mainstreaming in African Companies

Client: African Management Services Company / International Finance Corporation

Year Completed: (2008) 


IBI introduced the latest global leadership and management practices to more than 160 substantial African businesses, with a minimum annual company turnover of $3 million, spread across 23 African countries. This intervention, financed by the IFC, is equipping the companies to compete effectively in global markets. By enhancing the roles and responsibilities of women, AMSCO companies generate new dynamism, within their organizations and among clients.


IBI conducted mini-market surveys in East and Southern Africa to establish a baseline of leadership and management practices. It followed the surveys with a random sample qualitative evaluation of companies in South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana. IBI also helped companies design internal monitoring and evaluation data systems. The findings provided the framework for IBI’s development of a training-of-trainers workshop for African organization development experts selected to work with the project-supported businesses to inspire the productivity, innovation, and commitment at the heart of competitiveness.

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