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IBI Projects:

Andean Trade Capacity Building Program Evaluation

Client: USAID

Year Completed: 2009


The purpose of this evaluation was to provide USAID/Peru with an objective external assessment of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the regional Andean Trade Capacity Building Program (ATCBP). The evaluation also provided an analysis of program priorities and technical and political limitations to assist USAID/Peru with the design of future regional trade capacity building activities. This evaluation assisted USAID/Peru to determine the types of interventions that most effectively contribute to build Andean countries’ trade capacity.


The evaluation provided quantitative and qualitative analysis of the impact (both direct and indirect), cost effectiveness, and strengths and weaknesses of ATCBP’s activities and operations. The evaluation identified the most effective interventions and quantified their impact in terms of their contribution to diminishing systemic constraints that inhibit trade and investment and reducing transaction costs and inefficiencies. The evaluation’s results served as inputs to design new activities to continue USAID’s TCB work in the Andean region and in Peru specifically. 

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