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Featured Projects


Liberia : Governance and Economic Management Assistance Program

IBI helped Liberia’s government regain control of financial management, negotiate natural resource concessions, improve service delivery, build capacity in the civil service, invest in ICT for development, and plan long-term economic growth.
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Gabon : Environmental and Socioeconomic Strategy for the Mining Sector

IBI worked with the government on how to make the mining sector and related infrastructure a catalyst for broader economic growth using an analysis of potential growth poles and growth corridors.
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Gender Mainstreaming in African Companies

IBI introduced the latest global leadership and management practices to more than 160 substantial African businesses spread across 23 African countries.
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IBI Ideas

The development corridors approach, in which multi-use infrastructure is planned to ensure optimal use of a region’s resources, represents an excellent tool for fast-tracking economic growth. Downloadpdf

Strong leaders at the firm level are able to increase a country’s competitiveness. IBI’s approach to capacity building focuses on leadership as the key in organizational development. Download pdf

Did You Know?

IBI has been awarded a USAID contract to provide assistance for public financial management. Read More

IBI’s home office staff earn certificates in Human Performance Improvement. Read More

IBI International has been awarded a USAID contract to provide services in Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD). Read More